About the Tour

The purpose of this tour is to help CPRC members better understand Plano's retail corners. CPRC members should bring their thoughts and survey comments to the September 1st CPRC meeting. CPRC members will have the opportunity to present their thoughts and comments during the meeting.


  • Step 1: Review supporting materials:

  • Step 2: Please take the virtual tour:
    • This virtual site tour is intended to show sites that are typical "Neighborhood" or "Neighborhood Center Development".
    • The virtual site tour should take about 15-30 minutes to complete.
    • The virtual site tour will highlight key topics for consideration and discussion.
    • Please note that it is not expected that the CPRC visit sites from the virtual tour that are not in Plano. These sites are intended to highlight good examples of development that could be considered compatible with Neighborhood Centers.

  • Step 3: In-person site visits:
    • Please visit the locations identified on the Tour Map. Please consider the virtual tour and interview comments you heard to answer the following Guiding Questions:
      • Should this area remain exactly the same as it exists today?
      • Is this area likely to change for better or worse under market conditions?
      • If change is desired, what is the best way for this area to redevelop that benefits both the community and land owner?
      • What land uses are economically practical and sustainable, and desirable in a neighborhood center?
      • What is your impression of the adjacent neighborhood based only on the four corner retail that supports this intersection?
    • During or after your visit, reflect on your experience and fill out the corresponding survey. Remember to reference the tour guides for additional context about the zoning, future land use, and sites features.

  • Step 4: Complete and submit the survey:
    • Be prepared to share your feedback during the September 1, 2020 meeting.
    • Email surveys to MBell@plano.gov by August 31, 2020 at 5 pm, or bring printed copies to the September 1st meeting.
    • Please note survey results will be reviewed at a future CPRC meeting.


Zoning Map


Comprehensive Plan Maps