The Draft City of Plano Comprehensive Plan 2021 (Draft Plan), the Draft Plan's Executive Summary, a document detailing the changes from the 2015 Comprehensive Plan, and a document explaining dwelling units per acre (DUA), which includes a comparison of DUA for various housing types in Plano, are provided here for your review. Please reference these documents throughout the Plan adoption process to learn about the updates and status of the Draft Plan.


Refer to the CPRC Meetings and P&Z Meetings pages to follow the progress of the Draft Plan.

The following reference materials were provided to the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee (CPRC) throughout the plan review process to help inform the CPRC and to facilitate group discussions. These materials include background information on the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Policies that were reviewed by the CPRC, draft revisions and questionnaire responses from CPRC members, and memos with data and analyses of current trends impacting land use, density, growth management, and transportation.